Project Management

MiP Architecture provides Consulting Services and Project Management with the assistance of the director, Michalis Patsalosavis, and the consultant, George Patsalosavvis, based on the scale and scope of work. Over the years, the office has been appointed in multi-million projects in the UK and the Middle East. Part of our scope of work is to…

Smart Buildings

MiP Architecture is well updated with the latest technologies in smart housing and automated systems. Having a smart building is not just a fancy luxury but an efficient way of living. Our strategy when applying automations within a building, is to provide further functionality to the end user. For instance, set your presets for the…

Energy Performance

Energy performance certificates (EPCs) are a rating scheme to summarise the energy efficiency of buildings in the European Union. The building is given a rating between A (Very efficient) – G (Inefficient), the EPC will also include advice on how to achieve the most cost effective ways to improve your homes energy consumption.


Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present, while ensuring the foundations of future technologies is not compromised. Architecture is one the vital pillars through which this can be achieved, by efficiently utilising renewable sources, ecologic designs and wisely selecting the right materials.