GP House
Location: Nicosia
Category: Outdoor - Residential
Area: 400 m2.
GP House is a high-end residence built in 2000 with a neo-classical character in Nicosia. The deliverable had been to rejuvenate the outdoor space by replacing the floor finishes and swimming pool's over-floor detail, as well as designing a BBQ/Bar area and a Spa/Washroom. The key had been the use of solid finishes such as large marble tiles and solid timber deck in order to blend in with the initial design of the residence. The new lighting strategy in combination with the floor pattern creates a hierarchy between spaces and different programmes. The BBQ is a bespoke design which can be dismantled and taken away. The fire-bed is recessed on a marble counter and covered with a flashed stainless-steel cap when not in use. The outdoor washroom floor and walls are fnished with large nero-marquina marble tiles. The user enjoys a relaxing experience through the low intensity of light.

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