Defensice Urbanism - University Campus
Location: Cyprus – Buffer Zone
Category: Academic
Area: N/A m2.
THESIS: Exploiting the geopolitical conditions of Cyprus by developing an Agricultural Corporation via interconnecting two farming towns.The urban skeleton is structured on principles and strategies that respond to specific enemy threats. Targets have been identified and deled accordingly, through architectural/infrastructural mechanisms. The project is an architectural manual of defensive systems that transform daily use programmes into simultaneous conditions. Applications take place on block typologies, street hierarchies and infrastructural strategies creating a composition in an urban scale. Parallel networks deliver attributes that generate the right conditions at times of both peace and conflict. The proposal is suggesting defensive attributes where people can either cross the buffer zone or, to a further extent to inhabit or host series of events. Architecture is replacing militarized zones and post-war environments by having neutral by-communal activities.

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