Location: Dubai – “The world” Islands
Category: Academic
Area: N/A m2.
Manifesto: From master planning as zoning, to space occupation as processes of growth and differentiation.Designing a master plan using the outcome of an experiment and transforning it to a coral habitation. A nursery core is used as the base for natural coral re-production, spawning on artificial mobile platforms. These platforms are being transferred and positioned on certain locations according to the water flow and spawning trajectories. The buoyancy of the reefs is controlled with the use of air balloons. This allows the platforms to float above the sea surface and the reefs to be easily translocated by divers. The basic strategy is that the artificial reefs become the landing surface when spawning takes place for corals to grow. Dry and wet corridors are guiding the circulation of the masterplan for divers and other users.

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